Expectations for Chapter Outlines

Expectations for each chapter

For each chapter in the text assigned you are expected to complete the following tasks (along with any other assignments).

They are due and will be checked in your notebook the day of the chapter/unit test.

  • Read and outline the chapter.
    • Pay attention to the Key Ideas at the beginning of the unit. You may set up your outline by listing a Key Idea and then noting all relevant information from the chapter.
    • You may also outline in the traditional format by section headings.
    • Answer the “Checkpoint” Questions as you go through the chapter.
    • As you outline you should also note any ideas or concepts that are confusing to you. This will help guide your question asking in class!
  • Answer the Preparing for the AP Test questions at the end of the chapter (Multiple Choice and Free Responses)
  • Make flashcards for the vocabulary words in bold throughout the chapter. (Hint: check quizlet or other online sites, but BE SURE TO DOUBLE CHECK FOR ACCURACY).
    • Note: Simply memorizing a definition is not adequate. The best way to understand a word is to use it. Make it a habit to use vocabulary words in class writings, online discussions, homework, and most importantly in your free response questions!
  • Typically a set of guided reading questions will be assigned for each chapter to help you focus your studies.
  • Chapter/Unit Tests will be given on the last class day of the week that we complete the unit. (Typically Thursday or Friday)